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  • Thru Hike with a Dog: How I Hiked 900 Miles with my Dog

    There are plenty of social media groups with arguments going back and forth about thru hiking with. If you want to get opinions by reading some of these, that is fine. However, at the end of the day you and your vet know your dog and what your dog is capable of. Above all, don’t let others positive and negative experiences blind you from reality.

  • 10 National Parks you can Hike with your Dog

    There are many parks that claim to be dog friendly, but don’t allow dogs on trails. Out of 60 parks, only 10 allow you to hike with your dog. Here is a list of the 10 National Parks that allow dogs on trails.

  • How to Guide: Hammock Camping with Your Dog

    When I plan overnight camping trips, I usually like to include my dog, Toby. Recently I have switched over to sleeping in a hammock and discovered the ins and outs of hammock camping with a dog.