The Beginning of Fido Hikes

Fido Hikes was started in 2018, when I realized I found it difficult to find information about hiking with your dog in one comprehensive location. My favorite thing in the world is to explore with my pup Toby.

My name is Trish, and together Toby and I make up the dynamic duo. We just finished up a “long ass section hike” or LASH of the Appalachian Trail. I served in the Air Force for 7 years (the AT was our last hurrah in the military), and now work in marketing. We hope we can help some other doggo human duos out there!

Toby is a 6 year old chocolate lab mix with more spirit for adventuring than anyone (dog or human) I’ve ever met. Our trip on the AT not only brought us much closer together, but helped me witness Toby become the dog he was meant to be. If anything, Toby excelled on our 3 month backpacking trip. Seeing him in his element is the reason why Fido Hikes exist, to pass it on!

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